19 Apr

Students participate in the elaboration of documentary at Elesbão

During the period from June 2017 to January 2018, students of the Architecture and Urbanism course of the Federal University of Amapá carried out research activities in the Elesbão neighborhood, located in the municipality of Santana(Amapá State).
It was months of intense work that involved a field survey to know the profile of the population, there were about five hundred families living there.
Questionnaires were applied in 52 dwellings: the students used the methodology of the “Planning with the Community” project, which held meetings with the residents and, during these meetings listened to the local population using this knowledge for the academic exercise of creating new scenarios with the community, to the chosen area, respecting the local culture and the real needs of the residents.
This experience allowed us to record images during the months we were in the area, as well as interviews that resulted in a 22-minute documentary.
The district of Elesbão is known for stories of violence, but the reality that was found during the surveys was different. In large part they are families that occupied these areas because the place is very reminiscent of the riverside life in which they lived before living in this area. Great part of riparians are originated of Pará State, from  municipalities like Afuá, Breves and Chaves, they reproduce the form of occupation of these spaces in the Elesbão.
There is a strong local economy where the dwellerrs sell and consume regional products such as fish, shrimp and acai. In addition, many boats of the region are produced in the own shipyards of the Elesbão, where spaces of work are divided with the dwelling.
Although there are precarious aspects in the life of these residents, the neighborhood leaves several lessons that range from the spirit of collectivity to the use of nature as a public space.

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