23 Apr

Housing Problems Macapa

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Housing Problems is a film that was first shot in 1935, in London. It was the first movie in the history of documentaries where residents spoke directly to the camera, reporting the problems they were having in the slums of London.

A few years ago, professor Dr. Peter Lucas started a project that consists of remaking the film (from 1935) in different versions around the world. In 2017 the professor came to Macapá, invited by Bianca Moro and by the General Public Prosecutor of the State of Amapá, Dr.Ivana Lúcia Franco Cei, to visit the city and hold a seminar. Generously he came as a volunteer and in this opportunity he proposed to the local community to be part of his project.

It was a great honor for the community to receive his invitation, in addition to being a huge opportunity to draw attention to the critical and desperate situation in which the residents of Amazon Wetlands zones live.

The images were taken during two days in the wetlands areas of the Congós neighborhood. However, the video was edited in 2020. This three-years delay  of period is justified by the difficulty that they faced in finding experienced professionals in the area of documentary editing in Macapá, so the contributions in the edition by Getúlio Barreto and Antônio Batista were very important.

Now you can see the “Housing Problems” version of the Macapá wetlands zones, located in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

Technical information:

Access to the community was guided by Mr. José Elenildo (Mujoca)

The film was produced by the public prosecutor Dr. Ivana Lúcia Franco Cei in association with the Depart of Justice of Amapá.

The movie was direct by Peter Lucas and Bianca Moro

About Peter Lucas:

he has a Ph.D from NYU, he teaches in the Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs at The New School. He is a filmmaker, and work as a director, creative producer, and producer on shorts and feature-length documentaries. In 2012, he won the fellowship John Simon Guggenheim for his film The Amazon Star, a visual travelogue of the Amazon River, currently in post-production. In 2015 he was a Documentary Fellow at the Sundance Institute for his creative producing on the film Hooligan Sparrow directed by Nanfu Wang. This film opened at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2016 and  now is playing the international festival circuit.

more information:

Click on the image to visit https://www.peterlucas.net

About Bianca Moro:

she has a Ph.D in urbanism (National Autonomous University of Mexico- UNAM), and MA in housing and urbanism from Architectural Association Graduate School(AA), London. She was coordinator of Housing at the State of Amapá. She works as a teacher of History of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidade Federal do Amapá (UNIFAP), where she developed several investigations related to irregular settlements, among these experiences coordination of research ASPAMS “Irregular Occupation of Wetlands Zones in the Northern Amazon”, funded by the Ministry of Cities. She was awarded with the President Néstor Kirchner International Scholarship 2016-2017, where she presented her studies about the Amazon in New York at The New School University. In 2020 she published the book “Habitação Popular na Amazônia: o caso das ressacas na cidade de Macapá”(Popular Housing at the Amazon: the case of wetlands zones in Macapá city ).

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