18 Apr

Interview with Gilberto Lima Filho

“Architecture is passion that gives a range of opportunities to develop professionally”

Architect and Civil Engineer Gilberto Lima Filho.

After 35 years of graduation and have worked in many areas that profession allows, the architect and civil engineer from Pará continues to contribute with your experience to the best of the architecture of Belém. In a cozy cafeteria located in the center of the capital of Pará, he chatted with the Green Club and spoke clearly about the architectural education, the characteristics that an interested to do architecture must have, the current labor market and the major stages of preparation of the architectural design.

TGC “For the beginning of our conversation and better understanding, tell us a little about your training.”

Gilberto: I am from the 7th class of graduated in architecture at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), I graduated in 1974. I have the assignment of an Architect and Civil Engineer, because all the graduates until 1976 they had that distinction licensed by CREA-PA*.

*CREA-PA: Regional Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy of Pará.

TGC “Now that we’re aware of your formation, also tell us about your professional performance.”

Gilberto: While I was still a student, I worked as a freelancer for advertising agencies and I was intern at the DPJ too, one of the first architecture firms in Belém. After graduating, I worked as independent, developing projects at home and in offices too. I’m specialize in the design of gas stations. I was head of the Traffic Planning of the DETRAN-Pará**. I worked in the area of industrial architecture in mining companies. I was professor of interior design at the UNAMA (University of Amazon), but everything always parallel to particular projects. I never stopped designing.

**DETRAN-Pará: State Department of Transit of the Pará.

TGC “We know there are vocations for many different professions, such as doctor, lawyer, and others. Making this like an example, what is the main characteristic that one interested in studying architecture needs?”

Gilberto: Who wants to do architecture can quietly, but two qualities are very important: the first is to be very curious, always seeking more, never hold yourself; the second is not to be afraid, you have to risk new horizons. It is essential for the architect be observant and curious. Architecture is passion and you must be passionate about what you do.

TGC “Currently, with the techniques and technologies in constant updated, everything changes very fast. What the major transformations that there were in the profession of architecture of your generation to the architects who are now entering in the labor market?”

Gilberto: Most architects today are ”victims” of technological changes, which limits the creativity. You cannot design in front of a computer. The project born from a problem that needs to be resolved, in this way, it is necessary to draw, scratch, needs to put your soul in what you do, it helps even on the sale of the project, because you really struggled to turn their ideas into a functional design. You must know how to sell an idea.

TGC “Belém is a city of incomparable wealth, a fact that makes it to be known as the “Metropolis of the Amazon”. What is the major contribution that an architect and urban planner can offer in a perspective to make the city better?”

Gilberto: This is goes to everything that the architecture includes: the solutions must always be on according with the necessities. Belém comes of a life story of disorderly development and, currently, one of the major concerns is the issue of development and cultural awareness, the education is very important to add value to people and, in this way, make them aware citizens.

Some pictures of Gilberto Lima Filho during the interview.

TGC “The conception of the architecture design is crucial at many points, such as better utilization of the spaces, functionality, aesthetic value of the future work, and others. In your opinion, what should prevail during the preparation stages of the architecture design?”

Gilberto: The development of an architectural project follows basically like a cake recipe: Program Needs, Preliminary Scaling and Architectural Party. Following this sequence, and searching to resolve any problems that every architectural design features, the results are always satisfactory. Every project has to do with professionalism, but without forget to be a dreamer, whichever is the freedom to create.

TGC In the case of teaching practice of architecture and urbanism in brazilian colleges turned to traditional methods (classroom, books, studio project), do you think that such methods need to be upgraded and what could be modified or supplemented to the better training of the future architect?

Gilberto: The teachers and general professionals in the area of architecture must renew yourselves. Leaving the comfort zone that the classroom provides and search new methods of teaching. Do not be afraid to take chances. Architecture is research; the professional must have the humility to understand they’re learning every day.

TGC ”Knowing that the architecture directly influences the organization of a city.  What the influences direct that a good architectural design has on the life and the comfort of the people?”

Gilberto: The architecture is closely linked to the lifestyle of the people, as well as the urbanism. A good design reflects in a way positive or negative the mood and the well-being of the users. The project comes from a problem. Thus, the architect and urban planner must be aware of the city’s routine (collective) and the subject (individual) too. Therefore, every project must be differentiated, being architectural or urban planning.

TGC “It is thought that a good architecture and costs are directly linked, for example, the better you want the result of the architecture, will have more spending. In your opinion, is this true? Comment about the relation Cost vs. Architecture?”

Gilberto: Architecture is rationalism. Have a work “GNC”: Good, Nice and Cheap, it is possible, but the architect cannot “whoring” yourself professionally. The secret is to create beautiful and functional spaces using the certain materials. Do not focus only in one direction, a line of reasoning, a good professional have to work hardly, indulges in creating each project that is destined to do. Because who does the market is the professional, regardless of the area.

TGC “For the scholars and interested in the course of architecture and urbanism, which the major consideration that you have to offer?”

Gilberto: If you like to play football, you always search to train to get better. The same goes for architecture. We are like computers, capturing information right and wrong to propose the best solutions and operation of the designs envisioned. This is a necessary exercise and can be valid for any profession. Perfect yourself, dream, recycle yourself. Architecture is research, innovation, creativity and dedication.

Renato Lobato (The Green Club), Gilberto Lima Filho e Suéllen Conceição (The Green Club).

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