3 May

The Price of Progress images of the photographer Brent Stirton

This month, we will display beautiful pictures of Brent Stirton, he is senior staff photographer for the assignment division of Getty Images, New York. Getty Images is the largest photographic agency in the world. He is specializes in documentary work and is known for his alternative approaches. Brent work is published by: National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, The New York Times Magazine, The London Sunday Times Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, The Discovery Channel, Newsweek, Le Express, Le Monde 2, Figaro, Paris Match, GQ, Geo, Stern, CNN, and many other respected international titles and news organizations.

The selected photos below are part of the project “Peru-The Price of Progress”, the images of the Peruvian Amazon are common throughout the forest: the hard life of riparians and indigenous populations, huge areas of forest destroyed, threat to ecosystems, environmental pollution, and the nature battle for survival.

learn more: http://www.brentstirton.com/

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