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PUC Design Prize: encouraging students of Industrial Design at PUC-PR.

The PUC Design Prize is an internal competition organized by the students of Industrial Design at PUC-PR, with specialization in Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion Design and Digital Design. The intention is to promote, encourage, reward and disseminate the scholarly works showing the quality of the works, of the students, of the course and of the education institution itself.

Product winner of the PUC Design Prize 2013

Students of any modality may register one project of yourself or of a group that complies with the theme proposed tender. The 10th edition of the competition, held in 2013, had as its theme “Colors, the world is your palette.”

First the team gave a CD containing a file in A4 with the specification and photos of the project. Along with this, was gave a drawing in A3 with the concept and main photos.

The teams that passed for 2nd stage had their boards in A3 displayed in the lobby of the PUC-PR, where teachers and students could view and vote. The 1st overall (among all qualifications) was only decided by votes from teachers and coordinators of the courses. The other positions of each qualification were defined by popular vote.

This year the team that won the 1st overall is comprised by students: Júlia Allegretti (20 years), Iva Mageroski (19 years), Joana Jemiano (19 years) and Tiago Sotta (20 years). In addition, the team also won the 1st place in the category of Product Design. The winners won as prize a tablet and many books about design.

Some winners of the PUC Design Prize

The project: Furniture Etinic. Has a design that blends retro and modern concepts, mainly characterized by its combination of colors on the inside of the product. All the elements contained evidence the furniture and help to compose a relaxed and fun space. The product offers a simple design, but at the same time with references to the past. The nightstand is also functional and practical, seeking to meet a young audience alternate, who likes to decorate their spaces with objects and references in retro style.

Furniture Etinic

Furniture Etinic

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