12 Jun

The fascinating history of Mazagan, told by Lauren Vidal

The book “Mazagan: the city that crossed the Atlantic ” is a magnificent story that chronicles the history of the city of Mazagan. It describes the creation of the city-fortress, which was initially established in Morocco by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, to protect the African coast. In 1769, the entire village of Mazagan is transferred to Lisbon by decision of the Portuguese crown.

Furthermore, it is also during this period that Portugal decides the fate of mazaganese  families, by submitting them to the other side of the Atlantic to follow its colonization plan for the Amazon. The main argument used by the Portuguese crown was to follow the principles of the urban plan of  Marquis of Pombal for colonization, which meant :the occupation and defense of colonial Brazil.

Shortly after the village was established in Pará (Belém-Amazon), an epidemic almost completely devastated the population, so the few survivors flew and settle elsewhere in Amapá. The new town of Mazagan was organized in the Amazon rainforest, and it ended up hiding it for centuries.

The dramatic living history is told in three continents every year in the village during the feast of Saint James. This celebration recounts historical events that symbolize the great saga of a people hero who fought against the odds to have their space.

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