28 Apr

Paths of freedom, by the spanish writer Javier Moro

Paths of freedom( Caminhos de Liberdade, 2001 Planeta) is the title of the book by the Spanish writer Javier Moro.The narrative is a great opportunity to meet the rich Amazon region and to understand the politicization of this strategic area.

The novel tells the story of occupation the Brazilian Amazon. The backbone of this work is the life of Chico Mendes, a rubber tapper from Acre.

The  hypnotize narrative, which begins in the 40s with the migratory process triggered by the exploitation of rubber to the present day, with a note by the author about Marina Silva (political heir of Chico Mendes, who had a significant vote in the 2010 elections for president).

Belem, Manaus, Brasilia, Xapuri, Rio Branco, Altamira, Washington, are among the cities in this puzzle. The caracters:rubber tappers, Indians, environmentalists, frontiersmen, large financial institutions, miners, landowners, priests, prostitutes and killers.

It was through the efforts of professionals engaged with the simple people from the Amazon that the word ecology became familiar in the Brazilians vocabulary. The cause of the rubber was very important to contain the process of devastation of the forest that still threatened by logging and burning of millions of trees. The work of Javier Moro is brilliant and reveals this unknown world.

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