21 May

A portrait of the Amazon through the book by Professor Greg Grandin

When I was walking around  New York  I found this wonderful book at Rizzolli bookshop. The good news is: it has been published in Brazil by Rocco editor, and the translation is very faithful.

The book “Fordlandia – The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City”, is a very rich and interesting document about the Amazon region. Written by Professor Greg Grandin, University of New York. He recounts the odyssey of Tycoon Henry Ford to produce rubber in the Amazon and supply the U.S. market. The project of the Ford Motor Company was a financial failure, but the literature of Greg is fantastic, successful, a true history lesson that engages the reader from beginning until the end.

And for readers interested in knowing about the “Company Towns”, is an big opportunity.

Enjoy it!

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