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The century-old theater Amazonas in the heart of the Amazon jungle

The Theater Amazonas

The magnificent Theater Amazonas is located in the center of Manaus, which opened in 1896, during the height of the boom, the city packed with the richness that comes from the latex of rubber, a product highly valued by European and American industries. The north of Brazil had never been so crucial to world economy, the century XIX. And to sustain the wealth of the time, the government decides to build in Manaus, the second largest theater in the North.

great performances

In 1881, he was made the first project to build the Opera House. According to some deputies at the time, Manaus needed a house show at the height of the rubber barons, who were eager to display his power and wanted to hire famous operas out to perform in the jungle. But only in February 1884, launched the cornerstone of what would prove to be one of the most beautiful artistic monuments of the country. After 12 years of exhaustive work, all in style “Art Nouveau”, the theater was opened by the Italian Lyric Company. After 100 years of its opening the theater has undergone some renovations in February 1996, the tenor Jose Carreras has opened the commemoration of the centenary of the theater followed by intense performances and festivities. The monument has already spent several types of artistic performances, from theater, national and international symphony orchestras, even rock bands like the Canadian band The White Stripes.

main hall

The Theater Amazonas has his painting of a rose color, and its dome is covered by thirty-six thousand glazed tiles imported from Europe. The summit, forms a kind of mosaic, in blue, green, yellow and white, making mention of the Brazilian flag. The grand theater has three floors and has 700 seats, and 250 in comfortable chairs covered with red velvet cloth and 450 seats in cabins with the same types of chairs. The ceiling paintings were made by the theater artist Crispim do Amaral and reproduce the view from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In the paintings around the main hall, representing the arts, dance, tragedy, opera and music.

masks of Greek tragedy

In front of the cabins noble, there are 22 masks of Greek tragedy representing Molière, Shakespeare, Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven and other artists and philosophers of great renown. The curtain of the theater represents the “Meeting of the Waters” which is between the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões, forming the giant Amazon River and also shows the Yara, the mother of water and other godsrepresenting the extraordinary river. To avoid damage to this wonderful painting, this whole curtain goes up at the ceiling, without being ruffled or curled. Importantly, within their “party rooms” is prohibited to take photos with flash not to undo the paintings.


The Hall of the Theater was decorated by the Italian artist Domenico de Angelis and contains paintings with regional motifs and statues of famous artists like the composer Carlos Gomes and others. The ceiling painting technique is so wonderful, where you have the impression that the main character of the painting is always looking at the observer, no matter what angle it’s. The floor’s all wood paneling crafted in Europe and around 12 000 pieces are assembled and fitted without the aid of glue or nails, day care’s so great with him that to enter this hall and the tourist must put a borrowed slippers the theater or stay barefoot. The chandelier’s all done in bronze French and crystal Italian, and for cleaning and maintenance has created a mechanism which allows the chandelier down to ground level. On the outside of the theater, large columns and statues imported from England. The theater’s open to visitors and has guides who speak English, French, Spanish and German.

model of the Theater Amazonas in Lego

At the end of the tour of the theater, we encounter a model that faithfully portrays the beauty of the monument, the most interesting is that the model’s made of Lego, measuring 1.15 cm x 1.90 cm long and 1.10 inches high, the model was donated by the Company Recofarma Industry Amazonas Ltda.

“São Sebastião Square and theater are two monuments that dance to the same song and form a pair to simulate architectural harmony. The square favors the understanding of the Theatre in the city and the theater leads to understanding of the square”-words of a local poet. The paving of the square in black and white stones winding draws a modern composition, symbolizing the “meeting of waters”. In the center of the square, the monument commemorating the Opening of the Ports of the Amazon suggests that the theater is the result of international trade and the opening of the ports is closely linked to the city’s cultural life.
Come visit Manaus and know its natural beauty and grandeur of one of the most beautiful monuments Brazilian The Theater Amazon.


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I’m absolutely enchanted by this wonder, Amazon Theater, and thankful for living in Manaus. Loved the post.

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