18 Mar

Public Conference President Néstor Kirchner PNK 2016-2017

The President Nestor Kirchner Fellowship is a great opportunity for young professionals to strengthen and transform their careers. It is an intense experience in New York City, where we are guided by important professionals who help us potentiate the projects we are working on in our countries. They show the best way to develop activities with the community we are involved in.

The New School has an excellent environment. It was wonderful to be in contact with professionals who develop networking worldwide, including the region where I live and work: the Brazilian Amazon. They are familiarized with the theme we are working on and present successful stories of other countries in the world that may serve as reference in the investigation process.

In addition to participating in the interviews that are conducted daily with several teachers, I was also invited to teach classes in two Master’s Program groups. It was a very positive experience, because the students come from several countries and their personal experiences are also important contributions.

The Fellowship leads us to reflect about our true social contribution as professionals and citizens and how we can transform, through our knowledge, the difficulties of the world surrounding us.

I am very happy with the experience and now I have the responsibility to incorporate those new teachings in my professional life and in the community activities I have been developing since 2009.

Through the link below you can watch on youtube the conference “Social and Environmental Costs of Development” held at The New School on 09.03.2017, where I participated as a PNK Fellow.

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