11 Mar

Architecture Council holds TCC awards – Check the work of the Award winners

Text taken from the page of the council of architecture and urbanism

The prize  ”TCC 2019 do CAU/AP Award” mainly aimed to improve  teaching in architecture and urbanism schools  through healthy competition between  institutions of Amapá, stimulating  teachers and students producing good projects and the valorization of academic production.

The Amapá Council of Architecture and Urbanism – CAU / AP, through its Education and Training Commission – CEF, held on December  2019 the ceremony to deliver the 2019 TCC Award.

The result of this award it remained a secret until the second edition of the Amapaense Seminar, which took place on December 13th of 2019. There were 5 students participating in each Educational Institution, UNIFAP, CEAP and FAMA, totaling 15 works sent, of which 2 were disqualified. The winners of the awards came out of these, with 3rd, 2nd and 1st place, and 2 honorable mentions. The winners were received, certificates and awards  and appreciation of the work carried out. The award highlights not only the merit of the awarded graduates, in order to value both quality education, and professionals committed to the “future” profession of Architect and Urbanist.

Check the result of the winners:

1° Place: Cássia Rosa Moura. Project Title: School of Environmental Education in the Amazon: Model Project for an Itinerant School, Macapá-AP Supervisor: Bianca Moro de Carvalho – UNIFAP.
2° Place: Elaine Leonarda Gaspar. Project Title: Proposed Architectural Project for Student Housing in the Municipality of Macapá, AP. Advisor: Tatiana Santos Saraiva – CEAP.
3° Place: Taís Oliveira de Morais. Project Title: Parque da Vizinhança – Urbanistic and Landscape Proposal for integration between Conjunto do Monaco and Pedrinhas neighborhood. Advisor: Pedro Tarcio Pereira Mergulhão – UNIFAP.

Cássia Rosa Moura was the winner of the competition, her tutor was professor Dr.Bianca Moro de Carvalho

Click in the imagem to see the project!

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